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Best web hosting companies

Best Web Hosting Companies.

Web hosting is basically defined as a tool for the masses out there to the public a website on the Internet. The platforms that perform such tasks are called “Web Hosts”. Developed websites are used and stored on special computers called servers. Whatever websites you want to browse you will type there the address or the name of the website in the search bar of your respective browser. In your case, your computer is connected to the servers of the browser you are using. It can be Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. When you will press enter after typing the address or the name of the website you want to visit, it will look for the address in the servers and will upload the result to your computing device.

Talking about Web Hosts there are a lot of Web Hosts or Web Hosting Services or Companies that provide assistance for your business, company or client. There are a lot of Web Hosts available for your assistance. Some of them are Cheap, some of them expensive, some of them are reliable, some of them are fast etc. Here we will discuss some of the top, best, cheap, fast, and reliable Web Hosts or in simpler words, Best Web Hosting Companies:

Before leading to the hosting companies, you might across some companies that you may have never heard of, because of the fact that they do more say less.

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies You can Trust

1: Blue Host

Blue Host

It is one of the popular choices out there. It is incredibly affordable and can be called budget-friendly. They also offer shared web hosting. For everything that you get, there is a good deal for that. If you have involved yourself in a problem that you cannot simply diagnose they also offer they provide 24/7 support via phone and chat. They have listed their mediums f contact right on their web pages. They also offer tools to optimize the performance of your website, by their analytics and Search Engine Optimization or more commonly known as SEO. They will automatically direct themselves in the direction of the growth of your business. Bluehost covers all the main points that one might expect from a Web Host. Read complete BlueHost Reviews

Visit BlueHost

2: Hostinger

Hostinger Logo

Hostinger was launched in 2004 and they have been on an epic ride since then. The services that they are providing from that time are actually competitive. With around 30 million active daily users. More importantly, if you are on a strong budget, you should check out Hostinger it checks out all the boxes that one might desire. Therefore it can be called the Cheapest Web hosting company. You have to keep in your mind the considering of the cost compared to your requirements, if you have got a small site with a tiny amount of traffic as compared to the behemoth sites then you will be good unless you will go for the frontier of higher rates.  If you might face any problem while working, you can contact their customer service which according to Hostinger replies in 43 milliseconds. So they are also the fastest Web hosting Company. They also have a refund option if you are not happy or comfortable with Hostinger. They also have some knowledge-based articles which might help you out with your problem. If you want to go for Cheap Website hosting or Cheap WordPress Hosting you should blindly checkout Hostinger’s cheap wsb hosting services.Read complete Hostinger Reviews 

Visit Hostinger

3: Dream Host

Dream Host

Dreamhost is a kind of Web Hosting Company that provides a variety of hosting packages, and also decent customer service. They might not be the cheapest or among the Cheapest Web Hosting Companies. But they are the only company out there that is providing a perfect balance between the quality of their services and the accessibility of their services. This will be the best Web Hosting Company if you are not that much of a technical person. You will not be required any kinds of prickly sales tactics. They also provide chat support which is completely free of cost but keep in mind that you might have to wait.  They also offer a basic form of shared web hosting. This plan will most probably be perfect for beginners.

4: Green Geeks

Green Geeks

If someone addresses to the Web Hosting Industry that GreenGeeks’ services stand out from the rest of the Web hosting Industry then he is not wrong. It is a very unique choice for people with very strong budgets and reliability issues. It is said that their customers get a lot of for their money. GreenGeeks claims to be operating them totally on Green Energy rather than being on the Carbo footprint. Just like all other best web hosting companies they also provide a 30-day cash back guarantee. But you have to keep in mind that they do not provide hosting over Windows-based servers so be careful with that. Other than that they are a very good choice. Read complete GreenGeeks Reviews.

Visit GreenGeeks

5: TMD Hosting

TMD Hosting

They are among the best hosting sites out there, which are excellent in their customer service. It has plans and packages packed with features. It is worth’s the investment of your time and money. They also provide a variety of web hosting services like shared web hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, and many others.

6: Kinsta


Kinsta is a kind of unique web host that offers premium and best WordPress hosting which is basically powered by the Google Cloud Platform. When comes to finding the right web host for your work, there are many factors to consider. Kinsta, unlike many other hosts, has its focus on WordPress hosting only. This also means that this web hosting service is well optimized for the masses. Their servers are optimized for the highest level of performance that one can expect, which makes them the fastest WordPress hosting company out there. There also provide full-time customer care support 24/7/365.

7: i Page

I Page

They are one of those web hosting service providers that make their service from others by offering a different kind of technology, with a fairly long service time for its customers. They give you a lot of help for increasing your knowledge by giving you access to the technical support team. In my book, customer service is among the best. They are also kidding enough to provide you with the longest free trial possible of 90 days. So you are provided with plenty of time in order to check out the services that they are providing. Their plans are also not confusing they are pretty straightforward. As usual, you will also be greeted with a 24/7 support team to solve the hurdles you face. It is a very well defined approach for newcomers or beginners whose work is not that intensive or complex. Like some other web hosting companies this also provides technical support via phone call, live chat, or email. Which makes this one an easy recommendation. Keep your eye on them because they continuously run promo pricing, if you want to grab a good deal. They are also one of the sellers that provide an upgrade to managed WordPress hosting.

8: ACCU Web Hosting

Accu Web Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting provides a variety of range of useful services like shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting. They are also kind enough to provide dedicated hosting for Windows and Linux platforms.  Along with that, they also provide 24/7/365 customer technical support. It is also appreciated as one of the best hosting platforms for beginners. It can also be a right choice for those who are the fan of blazing fast speeds for a hassle-free experience. They also provide fully customizable.

9: Host Gator


If you are one that is not impressed by the tools that are only used for marketing only by the web hosting service providers, then you should opt for HostGator. It offers a wide range of how to perform or technical support by some of the listed documents. You can also contact their customer support via call, live chat, and email. HostGator according to my experience like some other Hosts provide technical support across all of its available packages, which makes it very easy to recommend, because somehow you have stroked an issue and you are not able to find any solution you will just simply contact their technical support as they do depend upon the package you select. Another good point behind opting for HostGator is its availability for Linux optimized systems as well.  Taking a huge leap over the others they HostGator provide the longest money-back guarantee of 45 days.

10: Liquid Web

Liquid Web

Liquid Web Hosting is among the fastest web hosting services providers. The quality that makes it unique from others is that it provides numerous packages to choose from, the only one is that it is expensive; it may cost you a lot than the others that you might be using right now or might be considering to use in the near future. Their customer service is also the best among all customer services of the best web hosting services. And the cherry on top of the cake is that they also provide a money-back guarantee. Easily recommendable if money is not an issue.

11: Site Ground

If fast loading times is your priority then I will recommend you SiteGround. It is the fastest Web Hosting Company in my books. It is because they are actually following a different technology as compared to the industry standards. They use Google Cloud to maintain stable connections. According to my SiteGround delivers around 30% faster speed than standard. It will make your minutes of work into fractions of a second. They also provide isolation for the accounts on their servers for better security. This perfect balance of speed and security mostly work for most of the sites. Another plus point for SiteGround is that this Web Host is also specially optimized for WordPress.

12: A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

This recommendable platform for those speed lovers. On top of that, they also offer free migration services with every that offer. If you think that you are not with the right host then every deal that they are offering will be fantastic for you. Otherwise, it will take definitely take tons of hours to build or re-build in your case your website. They also offer a lot of promotions as time passes.

13: WP Engine

WP Engine

For me, WP Engine is the easiest to recommend and the best and top of the line web hosting company. Just go and get it, that its. The excellence of their product is nowhere to be found. It is optimized for WordPress websites; it provides a high-speed connection with their servers, and phenomenally fast speeds as well. The only catch is the price; they are a bit on the expensive side. If you want to save some money and still want to use their excellent service go for their annual plan, which will be the perfect balance of your money and the value that you might get from that money. Another minor catch is that they only provide their services for WordPress only. Keep in your mind that you’re paying more in order to get more. This is the right destination if you do not want to manage the hosting component of your website. If you ask me this is the best hosting site or web hosting service and is the top web hosting company in top 10 web hosting companies in my books, if money is not an issue.

14: CloudWays

Cloud Ways

It is not a real shock that CloudWays is one of the best website hosting companies. Unlike some of the web hosts, they provide their services also for others than WordPress only. So if you’re willing to develop an online store CloudWays is the right choice for you.  It has a very unique feature called the cloud accelerator, which allows the addition of a layer on the cloud stack that moves up the speed of the website and enhances the browsing experience. They are also known as the best hosting provider in the market for scaling and growing along with your business.

15: GoDaddy

Godaddy Logo

Godaddy is one of the leading and probably the most popular web hosting company out. There is a minor chance that you might have heard of Godaddy. They have more than 44 million websites working under their radar. They have around 15 faculties around the globe. It can also be a perfect choice for developing custom websites, with its simple drag and drop website builder. The only catch with Godaddy is that they have many “upsells” that will insist you pay more. It can be for site backup, SSL Certificate, or any other stuff that might not be included in the cheapest plan that they offer. However, Godaddy is another very easy recommendation. It is one of the best webhosting for WordPress in my books.

16: Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting

They are popularly known due to their management of VPS Hostings. Unfortunately, they do not offer any monthly plans but they do have some annual plans up to three years or so. Another fact that makes it unique from the others is that they use Linux based servers while currently, most web hosts are using windows or mac based servers. They also fall among the best WordPress hosting companies. Their uptime results are also around 99%, among the business. Making itself fell into the list of the top web hosting companies in my articles.

17: Chemi Cloud


The thing that I like about ChemiCloud is its user interface it is none like any other thing available in the industry. They also have one of the best customer supports available in the business. They have the longest money-back guarantee of a total of 45 days. Just like other they also cover a variety of service like shared, VPS, reseller hosting etc.

18: Just Host

Just Host

JustHost mostly provides the features that are common the most web hosts. But the cherry on top of the cake is the extras that they provide with the packages costing almost the same and it worth the investment. It is very easy to even if you are not used to it. The fact both experienced and newcomers appreciated the way Just Hosts operates. It will get more and more affordable if you choose a longer subscription.

19: Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub

They are the web hosting service provider that works irrespective of the scale of your business. They are also very affordable as well. But if in the near future you opt for the more advanced cloud hosting or VPS hosting you might have to leave them but for the rest that has not been mentioned they will work great and will not make you complain.

12: Web Hosting Pad

Web Hosting Pad

They are the only best-hosting company out there whose motive is to be connected with its customers. It offers email, shared, and among the best WordPress hosting.  They are also known very as they also have Weebly hosting, domain names and newsletter as well. Their customer support is also very extensive, they do as best as they can to clear your issue. They offer you documentation, videos, chat support in order to clear your problem.

21: Name Cheap

Name Cheap

You can count Namecheap as one of those best-hosting sites that allows you to migrate from any other site to it very easily and flawlessly. It will literally take less than a time span of 24 hours. During the past 12 months, they secured more than 95% of solid uptime. This web host checks its self-list of cheap website hosting companies. It is cheap that does not define that it is bad, but it is completely a value to money deal. Their connection with their storage servers is very flawless and they provide their subscriber back-ups twice a week. Like other best hosting providers they also provide a 30-day guarantee.

22: Nexcess


If you own a small business and you want it to get digital, Nexcess is an easy recommendation for you. The prices are also very low. That much less than any individual can start working. They neither have nor perfect neither bad uptime of around 99%. They are also available 24/7 for customer support and they also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. They are also quite a few ones out there that provide 100 GB of server storage.

23: is one of the only web hosts that can be actually recommended to newcomers or for those who don’t themselves want to be involved in the complex working of some web hosts. Just because of its easy to use and easy understand, user interface. It is also one of the cheap hosting service providers. They also provide a lot of security and privacy services as well. They also have a wide variety of value to money plans to choose from. Among all these are the cheapest WordPress hosting and others having a 99% Uptime, which falls in the top 10 web hosting service providers in my book.

24: Reseller Club

Reseller Club

As the name defines ResellerClub is known in the market due to its reseller hosting. And a good thing is that their servers work great whether you have a Linux based system or windows based. But that does not mean that they only provide reseller hosting services, they have themselves quoted themselves as the web hosting jack of all traders.

25: Host Winds

Host Winds

The fastest and among the best web hosting companies Hostwinds also takes its place. This is because of their wide variety of services available across, VPS, Reseller or Shared Web Hosting. They also provide a fast speed connection to its storage services. If you are on a Linux based system then Hostwinds is the best website hosting service provider, because its services are very wallet-friendly for Linux.  Hostwinds is also one of the best WordPress hosting companies.


Before jumping to any sort of conclusion keep in your mind that all of these web hosting companies are not ranked by numbers they are just numbered so judge them on the basis of their rank. In the end, just go for the most comfortable one that meets your taste. While selecting keep in your mind a few points that will be necessary for you if you are looking for another Web Hosting company other than what I have mentioned, like its Uptime, Its Speed, its technical or customer support, traffic volume that it can handle easily without any hurdle, its migration features in case of any problem and most importantly price.

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