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Dreamhost Reviews

Dreamhost reviews

Dreamhost reviews:

Dreamhost is a web hosting site that was founded in 1996 in Claremont, California, U.S. The founder of Dreamhost is Dallas Bethune. They provide all of their best web and cloud services and are currently dealing with more than 400,000 clients in 100+ countries. It is controlling 1.5+ million websites and the downloading of WordPress is 750,000+. These contributions are done by only a few of the web hosting providers and Dreamhost is almost on top of them. While starting your own website at any kind of website provider, one must keep Dreamhost web hosting on the top of the list.

By reading the following article, you will be able to find out that if Dreamhost is suitable for your new beginning website or not? Well from my point of view, Dreamhost is one of the best web hosting providers. The most advantage of Dreamhost web hosting is that it is pretty affordable. A few of the main features of Dreamhost are

  • Dreamhost shared hosting
  • WordPress
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Cloud
  • Plans

And the good news is that Dreamhost is an Editor’s Choice and is continuously growing and having competition with other web hosting providers. The website of Dreamhost is
Following are some of the main Dreamhost plans which play a very important role in any web hosting. These options and features are also the most appreciated ones in the Dreamhost reviews. These features are extremely useful and only a few web hosting providers include these:

Dreamhost VPS hosting:

Dreamhost manages the VPS hosting feature very well and it is the most appreciated one by the clients. VPS offers a wide range of tools and features, your site will be fully safe, secured, and updated. The most applauded feature of VPS hosting by Dreamhost is that some of the individual supplies are only allowed to your website it means that only your website can use such supplies. These supplies will help one for high performance and other features.

The pricing of Dreamhost VPS hosting starts from $15.00 per month or can be $13.75 per month with the obligation of one year. With the service of VPS, there will be an opportunity for more power of servers available for your site at Dreamhost. The plans of Dreamhost for VPS hosting offer domains and unlimited data transfer (monthly). These features play a significant role in any hosting site. While the memory and storage are lower, according to the basic plan, Dreamhost offers a 30GB solid-state drive and RAM of 1GB. While the highest layout consists of 240GB solid-state drive and RAM of 8GB. The pricing can be approximately $120 every month, or $110 with an annual commitment. The bad news is that the plans of VPS offer only Ubuntu Linux operating system.

Dreamhost shared hosting:

Dreamhost shared hosting is a very important part of Dreamhost plans. If you are interested in starting a website but do not have enough money, in this situation you can create your happiness by participating in shared web hosting. Shared web hosting is way more affordable than normal web hosting that lets your site share RAM, CPU, and other supplies with other websites. But it will not be that strong website hosting as compared to VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated hosting. Dreamhost web hosting plays an important role in shared hosting. The shared word in Shared Hosting shows that every host of any server may host numerous sites that help share resources and hardware.

The Dreamhost hosting plans consist of two shared hosting plans. Those plans are shared starter and shared unlimited. The pricing of a shared starter starts from $4.95 per month, or if with a one-year obligation, $3.59 per month. This plan offers storage and month-wise data transfer, but the email option is absent in this plan. To get the email option you have to upgrade to shared unlimited, pricing starts from $10.95 per month, and with the one-year commitment, $4.95. In this plan, the option of email and unlimited hosting of the website is available.

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting is the most common hosting in web hosting providers. It helps spread various supplies and resources across numerous servers. Cloud hosting also helps the server meet all its needs and also increases them when needed. Dreamhost cloud hosting offers three tiers of cloud hosting; 2GB RAM Server, 512MB RAM Server, and 8GB RAM Server, which is in Windows, Linux, and BSD varieties.

The packages’ pricing of shared Dreamhost hosting starts at $4.50 per month which offers 80GB of storage, 512MB of RAM, and unlimited data transfer per month. For the 8GB of RAM, 80GB of storage, CPU cores, and unlimited data transfer per month. These specs of Dreamhost make it the Editor’s choice for Dreamhost’ amazing services.

The Pros and Cons of Dreamhost:

As we all know that nothing is perfect. Each and everything consists of its pros and cons. Every person, while buying anything investigates its both pros and cons and then decides to buy it. Like this, the Dreamhost web hosting also consists of its pros and cons. Following are some of them:


Dreamhost is very much affordable and therefore, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced hosts. The plans’ pricing is also much affordable as compared to other web hosting providers and also consists of annual installments.

The other most significant feature of Dreamhost is they consist of extensive customer support options. You can also contact them from the control panel, from which you can also live chat with them. The email support option is also available.

Dreamhost web hosting provides amazing speed and performance which will regulate your site’s quality.


There is no option of email hosting in the shared starter plan. You have to pay more to get an unlimited plan to get the email option.

As we know that the Dreamhost offers a lot of advanced options but the disadvantage is that you have to pay an extra fee in this situation. In this way, many beginners also refuse to continue with Dreamhost and the point is also mentioned in Dreamhost reviews.

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