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Hostinger Reviews

Hostinger Reviews

Hostinger Reviews:

The company “Hostinger” was founded in the city of Kaunas, Lithuania. Its first name was “hosting media” but after a few years, the company changed its name to Hostinger. The company really attained success on every point and it’s still growing.  They have more than 7 data centers and deal with more than 29 million clients in 178 countries. It is actually impressive that they have gained millions of clients in a very few time. Many companies cannot have an achievement like this.

Hostinger is pretty cheap for its services. The hosting pricing is $1.39 per month and it is a very good opportunity for beginners. You have to carry out hostinger for a few years to get the best prices, which might be a rule of hostinger pricing. The visitors really think about the services hostinger is serving and fast loadings, customer support, etc., and they actually care about them. They always want a site that is easy to reach. In this way, they will also get to know that their personal data is going to be fully secured. The answer to all the questions in your mind is that hostinger hosting is a platform working and running amazingly. The hostinger reviews by the clients also let the people participate in Hostinger Hosting.

Hostinger includes its own control panel, h-panel which helps the hosting clients easily install Hostinger WordPress Hosting. They also shared their 3 hostinger hosting plans; Premium, Business, and Single. These plans are highly regulated and work on their own h-panel. These hostinger hosting plans are very much applauded by the clients and are also mentioned in most of their hostinger reviews.

One of the basic hostinger plans provides the services like a bandwidth of 100 GB, 30 GB, an email account, and single website customer support. These kinds of services are enough to have a growing website. It will obviously help you visualize your creativity and any other of your plans related to hosting. While the other two plans are also amazing for two or more two websites and that actually helps the clients do a profit. These hostinger plans are maybe the reason for the most recommended of clients.

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Reseller Hosting Hostinger:

Most people require the reseller in the web hosting platform and it is good news for those people that hostinger offers the Hostinger Reseller. In this way, the matters of infrastructure will not bother you and you will easily manage your site with the help of reseller hosting.

It consists of two hostinger hosting reseller packages, those are:

  1. Starter

  2. Business

The first starter plan’s pricing is the obligation of three months’ worth $35.99. This plan offers 50 cPanel accounts, free SSL certificates, monthly data of 500 GB, and 50 GB storage. On the other hand, the pricing of a business plan is a three-month obligation of approximately $33.99 dollars. This plan offers unlimited storage space, 150 cPanel accounts, and unlimited data transfers per month.

The hostinger reseller plans help the clients do a profit and support them for personal branding, and do an automatic backup. Hostinger hosting is highly recommended by clients in the hostinger reviews because they have hundreds of features like hostinger reseller.

WordPress & Hostinger:

As we all know that WordPress is the most common and the most famous content management system. Its features and options help the clients manage their sites very much easier as WordPress is very simple to use.

As we mentioned the three hosting plans; Premium, Business, and Single, WordPress is playing an important role in it. The pricing of the Single plan is almost $4.99 per month with the obligation of one year. This plan helps the website cover more than 10,000 visitors per month, which is very profitable for beginners. The pricing of the Business plan is approx. 15.99 per month or 10.99 with an annual plan. This plan includes the storage of 200 GB and daily backup options. And the last Premium plan’s pricing is $29.00 per month, or $16.00 per month with the obligation of one year, restarts at 25.00 per month. The Premium plan provides visitors of 300,000+ per month, a jetpack, and support of up to 300 sites.

After all of these plans, WordPress also helps the clients with many other features.

Hostinger also provides the options of building and maintaining a website, which also includes its own builder (Zyro). They help clients to use free tools like slogan builder, logo maker, and a business name generator.  One of their coolest features is AI power. It is very much helpful for the customers.


They provide fast loading times of approximately 382 meters per second, which is the fastest host of all. The second one is that they have the guarantee of 30 days’ money back. As we know that hostinger doesn’t disappoint us, they have an instant customer support option. They reply after the time period of approximately 30 minutes. They involve free service of Domain name and website building. You can find anything on Hostinger in one location by the feature of “easy to use interface”. The unlimited option by using the hostinger hosting plans is also available at hostinger. In my point of view, this unlimited option service is amazing. They also offer affordable standard pricing tricks.


They include a few problems in their money-back guarantee. The advanced users use cPanel because of its benefits to the clients but the hostinger has created its own control panel which does not suit advanced users. This is actually a piece of bad news. The new users might love this feature because this feature of hostinger is a lot more simple and easy to use. Last year hostinger has delivered 99.74% uptime but also had delivered a downtime of 22 hours. This gave a negative effect on the hostinger.

After all of these pros and cons, it is proved that hostinger is quite more applicable than other web hosting platforms. This platform is the most used and highly recommended even by the most advanced users in the world.

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