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MilesWeb Review

MilesWeb Review – An Unbiased Opinion on its Shared Hosting

MilesWeb Review – An Unbiased Opinion on its Shared Hosting

Shared hosting, more commonly known as web hosting, is among the most basic hosting services. It is also the most sought-after hosting service and boasts revenue of around 37.64% in 2019. 

Considering the fact that shared hosting is the cheapest hosting service one can get, a ton of website owners opt for it. It is the staple product for almost all hosting providers as the demand for it keeps increasing each day.

What is Shared Hosting?

A website is uploaded on a server by a hosting provider to connect it with the internet. That is how hosting works.

As the name suggests, many websites share a single server hosting in shared hosting. These websites share the server’s space along with other resources of the server like processing power, data transfer memory storage, etc.

For a hosting provider to provide hosting to multiple clients by using a single server is very cost-effective. It is the reason why shared hosting is so cheap, as the provider can still earn profit even after lowering the prices.

It is the same as renting a space to live in a hostel. You have to share living quarters or a room with one or many tenants in exchange for paying very meager rent. The owner or the landlord can afford to lend out space to many tenants this way and still earn enough even if he gets less rent per individual renter.

However, shared hosting also causes many issues and problems to arise. 

As many websites share a single server, they also compete with each other all the time for the server resources. It puts a strain on the server as there are times when some websites take away resources from other websites, causing them to underperform.

Issues like server crashes, downtimes, slow loading speeds, etc. are too common in shared hosting services. However, if the hosting provider is good, these problems occur rarely and can be dealt with swiftly by the provider for you.

There are very few hosting providers out there that guarantee a good performance, uptime and speed with their shared hosting services. It significantly narrows the list of your potential hosting providers for hosting your website.

MilesWeb is one of the front-runners in the race of these hosting providers.

Why is MilesWeb’s Shared Hosting Better than Most Providers?

MilesWeb is one of the most trusted hosting providers around. Since its emergence in the year 2012, it has made strides and gathered the goodwill of its 25,000+ customers. MilesWeb offers best WordPress, Cloud, Managed, Unmnaged, VPS, Linux and Windows hosting services. 

There are a few reasons why MilesWeb’s shared hosting is considered by many to be the best-for-price hosting service. We will see it once you get to know what they provide with their shared hosting service. 

SSD Storage: SSDs are the fastest and most reliable pieces of data storage technology. Unlike many service providers out there that still offer at the most HDD drives, MilesWeb’s web hosting is based on pure SSD storage. Web hosting on an SSD storage maximizes site performance and speeds by upto 200%. 

Datacenter Choice: Datacenters are server fields that provide place for server machines. The performance of a website largely depends on the server’s or more precisely a datacenter’s location. Since many website owners prefer to host sites on the servers in proximity of their audience, they prefer hosting provider that may offer them such a server. Sadly it is not always the case for all providers as it is hard to procure datacenters at many locations. However, with MilesWeb you can freely choose among the globally located datacenters to host your websites.

Malware Scan and Removal: MilesWeb’s tech team continuously monitors server activities and also undertakes routine malware scans of the clients. They are diligent in this process and even inform clients of any plausible threat or possibility of an attack. Not only that, minor threats such as malware are removed without prejudice and a prompt report is sent to the users.

Updated PHP and MySQL: Web hosting with MilesWeb deploys the latest software technologies and versions of internet utilities. You are bound to get the latest PHP and MySQL versions to ease your website building and save you the troubles of updating it manually. Not only that you can freely install and run any web applications on your websites.

Instant Account Setup: Hosting providers usually take their sweet time confirming and authenticating a lot of details from their clients before they activate their hosting account. The most likeable feature of MilesWeb is that they provide instant hosting. The moment you buy the hosting, your account is activated and you are free to host your site live without the waste of even a second.

Free SSL Certificate: SSL certification is like a seal of approval that your site is safe to browse and free from any online attacks. However, SSL certifications need to be bought from special providers and they add more cost to your hosting. With MilesWeb, you get free SSL certifications for all your websites. This saves you a lot of trouble like approaching SSL providers and buying certifications from them.

Guarantees: MilesWeb claims to provide world-class hosting services to its clients. These claims aren’t baseless as the confidence behind them are reflected in the guarantees they provide to their customers. MilesWeb provides a 99.95% uptime guarantee which is among the highest among its competitors. They also have a 30-day money-back policy that assures users a complete refund unless they are not satisfied with MilesWeb’s services.

4/7/365 Customer Support: MilesWeb has a highly responsive and award-winning customer support that is active all-time. You can freely chat with them anytime and any day of the year and be sure to find someone on the other end to answer your hosting issues.

Summing Up

MilesWeb’s shared hosting is one of the fastest, reliable and affordable web hosting in the entire web hosting industry. It is hard to argue with this statement as they have managed to achieve a great balance of quality and affordability of their services and also added the highly reliable post-sale customer support which sets their web hosting apart from the rest.

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