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The reason behind your arrival on this page will most probably be that you are a blog writer and you also have knowledge and experience about Web hosting as well. It is just like a surprise that since the application of worldwide isolation, every wise started research for more money-making streams. And coincidently both blog writing and web hosting are popular and easy to get used to at the same time, According to some surveys out there, the internet saw an exponential increment in the number of blog writers, and the same falls for the people working in the web hosting industry. An exponential increment was also spotted in the average daily visitors or readers of Web Hosting blog. We truly proliferate your arrival and presence at our platform. We can assume that you have built yourself in such a way that you make yourself fall into both categories a good content writer and an expert of Web Hosting, which combines to make you a web hosting blog expert.

First, before you lead to our company I just want to clear some stuff before you move further. Some stuff might be a piece of cake for you to understand but for some, there is a chance that you might not be able to swallow it.

First thing first, that we only accept articles or blogs that are related to web hosting only, that’s it. No other stuff other than web hosting should be involved. Only if the topics might ultimately connect themselves with the topic of Web hosting write for us. Any other content will not be tolerated and you can expect strict action against that. For context stuff like web design, web development, VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting, Affiliate Marketing, SEO Tools, etc. shall be tolerated.

You also have to keep the accuracy and precision of your produced content nothing like any other it should be unique and catchy. Just when you watch any kind of movie or series the story or topic makes us stay with it because you are interested in it. But if you do not have interest in it but still are watching and following its story with full attention there is a chance that you are developing interest in yourself regarding that topic or story. Similarly, your content has to be of such kind that people with their interest in web hosting stay with it till the end, or the people who have no interest in it but somehow they have brought themselves here your content should make themselves stay till the end.

As English is the international language and the most common language of communication, the content has to be in English. The purity and accuracy of your English language should be the best. It should be grammatically correct. Make yourself clear that any kind of copying rephrasing will not be tolerated because you are getting hired based on your skills of writing, not the skill of copying an article or rephrasing it.

 You have to be up to date with the stuff happening in the industry, like any kind of development, enhancement of any technology, not only for something new but for the stuff the will be getting outdated at the same time.

The count of words will be depending upon the topic that’ll be given to you to produce with some specific Keywords that you will be mentioned in the article according to the required amount.

There will be no sponsored promotions. But if you have depicted any information from any other blog and it was out of your basic knowledge or that particular information is produced by that blogger, then it is worth mentioning and giving them credits, unless it is a basic piece of knowledge.

You are a blogger with your experience and knowledge of web hosting, but here will also be a teacher as well, because here you will be explaining different terms of web hosting, different upcoming advancements in web hosting which advancement has to be followed which should not be followed, similarly different tools different soft wares. You will be explaining the pros and cons of every tool, technology, and software. Where you will get all of this information on top of your knowledge? As I have mentioned earlier you will be researching every time for enhancements happening in the industry and will keep yourself up to date. You will be explaining in an easy way the complexity is inversely proportional to the attention of an average person to a particular topic. So you have to make your topic as easy to read and understand as possible. This could be simply done by providing real-world examples or providing pictures because it is very easy to understand.

Other than the mentioned stuff above you will also be mentioning scams as well because are always a part of any sort of earning eco-system irrespective of its weakness or strength. You should be giving yourself a deep dive into the scam and then you will be raising the point that whether it is a scam or some sort of misunderstanding. Because a lot of the time people take things out of the context and treat them in a totally opposite way that they should be treated. Or if someone has involved himself in a scam there should be a solution in your mind for that as well. Where you will get this information? Again by your research on top of your knowledge.

The art of summarizing is also a not-so-easy task which you have to follow to make yourself good. You will have to shrink the thousand or two thousand word article into an average paragraph, which will revise the reader all necessary topics to follow up.

Working with us will enhance your thinking and your experience, you will get to know more facts, more people, more clients, and definitely more information which will make you the expert of experts in Web Hosting.

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